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  1. lol yeah those types of rivers arent safe hehe although I dont know if drinking it could be a good would taste really nasty for one and be all weird lol XD!!
  2. lol, yes i will assume green or black rivers arent safe. maybe i should drink xD
  3. lol I would have to hope that the greenness of the river gave you the feeling not to jump in it ^^ lol
  4. lol, yeah it was looking a little green when i was there. lol, i had a feeling not to jump in it.
  5. The mississippi is awsome but I really wouldnt suggest swimming in it though lol
  6. cool, that sounds nice. ive been to st. louis on 4th of July once for an airshow. and i saw the missisipi there.
  7. You should come to Clinton so that then you can see the Mississippi and such ^^
  8. i really dont know...i dont know any different parts, all seems nice.i want to travel a lot when i'm older
  9. yeah it is and it would be cool if you did come here sometime what part would you come to? jc
  10. wow, its pretty. i want to go there now..even if it is incredibly
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