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  1. I am seriously sorry about what happened last night love, I really really am. I am a little worried about them acting like that as well love but I dont think they will cause they should have more common sense then that. It would be a good thing if you bit your tongue around them although you know I would defend you no matter what. I am again so sorry about last night love I really really really am. What else is wrong with you love? I am again so so so so sorry about last night i really really am
  2. oh okay. that works so yes i did say something about us getting into a fight. There is just alot of things wrong with me because of what happened lastnight and evrything like that. so yeah i am kinda worried about yopur parents acting the way they did lastnight. When i am around your parents i am going to have to bite my tongue around them other wise i am going to say what i want around them and that would not be a good thing. I am pretty sure if i said what i wanted to your mom youu would proubley gotten mad at me and stuff like that and that would have not been good at all.
  3. What all are you worried about love?? I am also hoping that they let you go over to my house as well and are you meaning something with the Harry Potter movies love? if so then yes I am as long as mom isnt paying that much attention lol. I am sorry that I made you upset lastnight love, I really didn't mean to though so I really am sorry. The only thing that is wrong with me is just what happened with my parents last night is all love. I am sorry for the way my mom has been acting especially around you, they have absolutely no right to act that way around you at all, you didnt do anything trust me. out of curiosity love, did you say something about us getting into fights last night? just randomly curious if that is what you said or if i missunderstood you. I love you though!!
  4. oh ic i know what you mean by that. i am not up to much i am just alittle worried about a couple of things. i am going to work on that outline soon. i am hoping my mom and your mom lets me go over to your house. so are you going to do the one thing that we were talking about. So whats wrong? i can tell somethings wrong love whats wrong.
  5. I love you to and I am not up to much just trying to figure out how to do the outline thing without getting to many points taken off. I am good love, how about you?? I am just surprised is all on the grade I got on my note cards is all and it kind of makes me sad that ash has to work but oh well I am having you come over to my house if it is okay with mom, I will say that you have to use our internet for something or some odd reason like that is all love ^_^ I will find a way though =) So what are you up to??
  6. hey i love you. What are you up to. so how are you doing? what is wrong
  7. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  8. Hey Nikki what's up?? nothing much here just kinda sitting here being bored lol how about you? are you able to log on okay?? just curious
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