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  1. yeah I unfortunatly have a 10 page research paper due by May 21st for my comp research class and the topic is not exactly one that I really really wanted. My last one was on the greek underworld and I was going to do this one on the Russian Mafia but I couldn't find enough info that i could produce a 10 page paper out of so I am doing it on the orriginal greek gods, Zeus, Hera, Hades, Poisedon, Hestia, and Demeter it is basically going to focus on the incest between all of them; example: Hades marrrying his neice, Hera and Zeus, brother and sister; married and Persephone: daughter of Zeus and Demeter also brother and sister O.o. lol so do you have any major assignments due before you graduate or are your classes actually giving you a break lol just curious but I guess I do have something good in my life, which is the love of my life =)
  2. wow >< good for you .. i still have a very long way T,T .. but what can i do i am trying my best and i even get to the stress lol now stress is something normal like eating in the day >< lol ... =^_^=
  3. sounds like fun and I hope you get in ^^ I have been good just alot of stress with the fact that I am done with classes on May 20th since i graduate May 24th ^-^
  4. XD hi , T.T nothing is going up lol XD , i am just about to take exams so i can enter college *praying to God* ... so how have you been ... =^_^=
  5. ^-^ Hey what's up? Nothing much here just working on a paper for my fifth hour class.
  6. yeah i feel the same way about the rain...i love the sweet smell after the rain. ive been good lately jus started my senior how about you..^-^
  7. XD .. rain have a very sweet voice that is way i like it ^_^ , so how have you been lately .. =^_^=
  8. i agree with you on loving the rainy weather...its not as bright..^^
  9. ooo rainy XD cool i love rain to much , ._. i envy you on the rainy weather , here the sun make my skin dark XD , so i can't go out as well ... =^_^=
  10. it was rainy and even if i wanted to go outside i couldnt...^^
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