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  1. well i just do them like nothin and dont do as much as i use too cuz well you know and that does suck BADLY....
  2. not one bit they say ima get hurt and dont like them cuz of that and its sad cuz i cant evan do ones i dont plenty of times and never got hurt once
  3. i got lectued about doing stunts or stupid things like ussually cuz ill do crazy stunts and i do the ones i know wont hurt me since ppl get mad especailly if i get hurt lol i rarely do them anymore though just for my freinds
  4. getting lectured by ppl and looking for a job thats a pain to do also especailly when its hott
  5. crazy and exausting but ive been good so what you been up too
  6. hey wats up i havnt heard from you in a lil while so hows every going
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