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  1. awww..... that sucks why won't it.. that's strange...
  2. T-T fan fiction wont let me sign into my account...T-T
  3. owch i hate it when guys do sorry it happened to u tho it's not ur fauly u deserve better then a guy like that... and yah u win ..lucky i'll win next and well im doing fine thanks for asking a bit of an off day but everything is fine^^ and u..?
  4. we got into a fight because he was lieinig to me ...and he wouldnt just tell me the truth. plus he keeps denieing(dont know if i spelled it right) ever dating my friend saying that it was one of his alter personalities...but i know he is lieing bout that and bout everything being fine with can see it in his eyes. ...but enough of that ^-^ umm yeah i know i cheated but i still win ^-^ so ne way how are you?
  5. ^^ that's good to hear the kinda happy part anyways... and that guy did something happen between you guys ..if so r u ok..? and yah u win but it doesn't mean u didn't
  6. ^-^ im good....jus bein weird u could say lol...hmm so yeah im kinda happy kinda sad....and it has somethin to do with that guy i told u bout...^-^ and yes i do win lol ...^-^
  7. lol no far ..u cheated... and im fine thanks and how r u..?...haha ^^
  8. yay i found u ^-^..i so completely win..^-^.....hmm whee~ so yeah how are u
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