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  1. But stubborn is a good thing in most cases and your welcome ^^ machine saws are sometimes dangerous lol. Good night ^-^
  2. Well Im just certainly glad its done. ^^ I know, Im pretty stubborn in the way of keeping things going. xD Oh, and thankies for taking a look at my pictures, glad you liked them. <3 And the saws I was using were like these dirty old rusty ones I found in our garage. -___-;; Couldnt get ahold of the machine saw. x_x Ah well.

    Thanks again. ^_^ I'mma gonna go to bed. <3 Night hun. Thanks for the friend add too. <3
  3. sounds like so much fun although I will admit that if I was doing never would have gotten done at all not to mention quite a few saws would have been broken lol but that is just me.
  4. Uuuummm, a week maybe? Week and a half or something? All that time I've been chasing for wood cuts from the wood masons in town and having to saw it to size myself (and doing it wrong about 50 times -_-; ) And then putting it together, finding out one of the shelves was STILL really wrong in size, and having to pull it apart and put it back together AGAIN after sawing it all. >o< Blah.

    -Flumps- x_x
  5. awww Im sorry I bet the woodworking turned out really good though and going to bed might be good. going back to work is never any fun, so how long was your holiday? just curiuos
  6. Not much at all at the moment. Ironic since I just got done woodworking a load of shelves for my room and my new computer. It's taken all day, and I'm completely exhausted. : ( I'm going to bed like, very very soon. xD And this is the last day of my holidays too. ;o; I go back to work tomorrow. Nnnnoooooo~ -Sobs and hides-
  7. I love your drawings they are so awsome and detailed. They are amazing!!
  8. thank you ^_^ so what are you up to??
  9. Heya, just looked over your gallery "fallen and dark ones", very lovely pics. ^__^ <3<3
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