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  1. Lmao!!! Food is good and I dont mind you saying that it is normal hehe ^^
  2. kiddingMAN im hungry..........i need FOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!srry,just thought u outta know that
  3. aww im sorry and yeah singing in the rain is a good movie even if it is extremely old lol
  4. singing in the rain huh?sounds like a just trying to find a better avatar to put on also TRYING to play the arcade but my computer sux......stupid dial-up.....
  5. Sounds good to me, I am not up to much looking up "Singing in the Rain" for my art of film class, what bout you?
  6. im sure it willlets try to get our minds off such a horrific subject shall we?so,wut r u up to?
  7. yeah I tend to comfort her alot especially when I am with her, I can only hope that it helps her though
  8. just being there for her is a great thing to sure it makes her loads sure u comforting her will help her out a lot.
  9. she does have it rough and it makes me kind of sad for her and what i meant by keep her was make her stay in the hospital and not let her go home which is why she doesnt want to go right now. I am in the same boat you are, i dont know what I can do to help her but i want to do something for her so so bad..i just dont know if i can do anything for her except be there and try to be strong for her is all
  10. sounds like she has it rough then huh?wish i could help but idt i can do better than the doctor can.keep her?wut do u mean they will keep her?
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