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  1. I'm supposed to see Hancock later,so it's not that bad. I just think the scary movie game has problems with it. It's fun tho.
  2. That sucks even worse XD Not your day today huh?
  3. Yeah,and I can't submit my score from the scary movie game. I made a higher score too.
  4. That sucks XD
  5. She doesn't know lol. It's fine I'm stick with some low connection.
  6. Awwwww....Im sorry XD Ask her..... ^^
  7. I know how to work them. I just don't know the damn network key. I'm at my sister's apartment at my house I don't need a network key. I barely watch the chappelle show now. I was seeing what was on comedy central.
  8. Not a big fan of computer eh? Not too good with them? LOL It's ok you'll get the hang out if..The chappelle show? I dont really like that LOL xD
  9. Yea,pretty much. I'm watching the Chappelle show. And my laptop keeps asking 4 a network key on the good connections. I don't know it.
  10. Yeah...I kinda noticed you came back now?
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