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  1. Hey,I haven't been doing much. School started back this week for me. I don't like it.
  2. HEYYY!!! Whadduuup!!! Whatt have ya been up to lately, hm?
  3. Lol yeah. There are too many crazy ppl these days. They can kill their kids over simple things.
  4. Lol. Yeah, if they ARE crazy than you DEFINATELY dont wanna talk to them...
  5. Yeah,some ppl are crazy. And u might not want to know who they are.
  6. Yeah, you cant tell what people really are on the net. Better to be cautious than not.
  7. Lol I am a girl. It's ok u can't always tell who ppl r on the internet.
  8. LOL!! I thought you were a GUY! lol. 3rd time I've done that...
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