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  1. Gotcha...... so a few secs of the devil trigger than it goes bye bye.
  2. No, it sounds like your person trains hard so he can attempt to use it. like he gives it a try but is not able to use it for long. like when ichigo first tried to use that mask thing or whatever its called. something like that. But after Chikara and Kyo rounds up everyone then thats when we'll start training for it.
  3. Your leting me use my Devil trigger now??????????????
  4. if u like final fantsy and other rpgs check out my new thread called Yesterday And Todays games in sensory pleasure.
  5. just search mmorpg and look for it by darkninja. tell me if u think somethings should be added,changed,or taken out.
  6. sure just give me the link and i will check it out
  7. read about ur dbz rpg now in return check out my bleach mmorpg
  8. Hey would youj mind looking at my new rpg Dragon Ball Z.
  9. R you talking about the bleach thing or Box of keys
  10. mine can since spirtual energy and pressure also helps manipulate spirtual energy into a armor.
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