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  1. Thank you renn you always help me when i need it. I will have my guy up by 2morrow.
  2. You can use guns too. This new infected are more advanced than the last. U should check out the RP from the old days. We had fun XD
  3. Please post a charcter to the Family Affairs Charcter Theard.
  4. Yes this really helped alot!! I think I'll go do some reseach on some runes and add it to my bio. I cna't wait til it starts
  5. of course if you know Norse mythology it is easyer to understand. Runes at lest the kind i am useing for my rpg are words of power. Runes are also called glyphs, the person draws a rune with a rune caster on his/her self or on a surface. Than after it is drawn the "Gods" give it power. Runes can range form many diffrent things like opening a looked door or summoning a creature (this one takes a lot of power). The runes also require energy from the caseter to use it, but they can also hold energy inside them if they are used on a object. For the creating of the Runes since there are so many and i don't and can't name them all i am leting people creat there own. I proble should have put this on the rpg in the first place, but stupid me forgot lol. I hope that help clear things up.
  6. Fang could you explain the runes to me a bit more? I like to know a bit what I could use and what I can come up with....
  7. One sentence are not accepted in the Naruto RP. Just to let you know. ^^;;
  8. not really i don't know how she wants to take her people i only know that in "As the world burns" her chearcter seemed willing to follow my guys lead.
  9. Alright read over her char. and I don't know really what to post next.......*sighs* Any idea's and I shall soon post for all 4 of the char.s on the Demon lands 'kay??
  10. yeah it is on her profile and right now in The Demon Lands, Reika and hanyougirl2010 are captured by Xyln and Xion. On As the world burns my guy and stormwolf's girl are trying to sirvive in New York at the moment and my guy just asked if she wanted to be a merc with him (they are kinda of partners at the moment being in a strange place.
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