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  1. LOL I am use to I only have my Senior year left. Woot...
  2. Yesh... sounds like fun I am so glad i am not you at the moment.
  3. I am...but I am being a bit slow today because I am multi-tasking between my essay, art project with pastels, IM-ing and etc.
  4. I will love to take part... o are you going to post in Infection.

    But, I would like you to involve yourself within the feudal war. I am also wanting to introduce Natsuki...but I have to wait for Renn. She decided to play this character....
  6. Yep and this gives me a reason to get out of the cave and terrorize other towns.
  7. LMAO, Arcueid isn't the nicest character in this RPG. Of course, I am not allowed to kill other characters' without a reason but she would inflinct a tad bit more than just a small wound. But, okay I get the basic picture...and I guess this gives the Chrnos' family a reason to quarrel with the Layos family...
  8. I know I am going to be very careful with it. The basic ideas I had for it was that the soul I already sent down is going to activate the best I had down there and then kill some of the soldiers while the rest of them run and scream out then my guy espcapes with the best and a wound that you will inflect on him.
  9. Fwah -rubs arm- umm...just as long as you don't kill all and that you don't touch the council or me. Remember that there are no invincible characters...and each family's abilities is designed to outwit another but not all.
  10. So in Rhapsody of Destruction is you don't mind if I slaughter your soldiers, it just seems like it would be fun. I won't touch you i promise (pokes your arm)
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