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  1. Hey Storm seems you haven't been on in a long time come back i miss you.
  2. kul so how long had you liked this guy before he got the hint.
  3. Thanks lol. I haven't been talking cause I have had a major headache for a LONG time. Today we went out on a 'date' to see The Unborn and eat at the restaurant. When he dropped me off, that is when he asked me lol.
  4. Hay haven't talked to you in a while. and i read your OOC congrats lol
  5. Morning i have got nothing to do tell it is time for me 2 head to school so i thought i would message you.
  6. kk. Nighty night hun. Sleep tight and imagine my beautiful amberish brown eyes. lol j/k.
    Ill log off too. Night
  7. okay you are really making it hard to be good lol. I would keep this up but i got to go lets say we countinue tihs tomorow lol.
  8. pfffffffffffff talk what ever way you want lol........
  9. Well it is that time i got to get off and head to bed hope to talk to you tommorow. later
  10. lol me either but it is nice talking to somone again that dosen't mind the way i talk.
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