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  1. You read my poems yet??????????????????????????????????????????
  2. Yeah i kind of figured that. Well I am around 5 foot 11, 230 pounds (mostly muscile) as you can see i can't spell, i play rugby and i really don't curve my words i say what i mean and people don't like it I usally give them the finger. I guess that is why people hate me so much cause i just don't care. As you prople could tell i am a prev but only tell it stops being funny. I am a gentelman when i need to be but mostly i am just laid back there are a few other things but i doubt i can say them on this.
  3. Well. Describe yourself. AND the borwn eye things means I am H***Y. lolz

  4. nice, and don't tell me somthing like the brown eyes thing i will take it so wrong
  5. Well. Ima describe myself to youz since I don't go noz pic. I have hair down to the bottom of my shoulder blade. I am 5'7" at 108 pounds. I have hazel eye(Usually but they change according to my mood. Hazel means happy. Green means sad. Brown means something Ima not say on the forums ) I were glasses, I usually wear white tee shirt and blue jeans. I like normal shoes, not high heals. I will only wear a dress if I am going to a formal party, and I am usually a fun person . Your turn!
  6. lol i am going to take that as a complement, and yeah i get that a lot but i wish i still had my long hair.
  7. I live in Omaha, Nebraska. I just looked at your pic and you look like a guy I know lol. Same hair, glasses, and shirt. Cept you look alittle skinnier.
  8. I live in Little Rock, Arkansas. Where do you live

    ~Hint~ I am bored and lonely too lol
  9. BY the way my poems are called To Love, and ~The Mask~
  10. So, if ya don't mind me asking where do ya live?

    ~Hint~ I am bored and lonely
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