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  1. Thats okay I didn't stay on that much longer, had to get ready for school too.
  2. awww,sorry i couldn't stay on longer,i had to get stuff ready for school then go to bed
  3. I am good a little bored, there is nothing to do here.
  4. what?what?what? yo! how are you?
  5. kul i will have to check them out and see if i can't jump in on infamous and inuyasha.
  6. ...infamous,devil may cry:new beginning,inuyasha:dawn of the dragon
  7. yeah so any good rpgs latly.......................
  8. cool.
  9. its okay i am just trying to talk to everyone i rped with, just to catch up.
  10. oh i knew that!i thought when you said 'remember me?' i thought you ment i knew you from somewhere,sorry,+ im in a sarcastic mood a few minutes ago.
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