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  1. I write raps heres one hope you like it tell me what you think

    My Girl

    Man,Man,I cant really help but resist, me and my girl we used to both co-exist, but then she left me on the ground, looking up and down, all around with a broken heart,I,started healing at a very slow pace, man I couldn’t stand even seeing her face, I thought I loved her, I thought she loved me, man I guess that’s the way its gonna be,Im lying here on my bed, my face is all red, and im feeling kinda dead inside, now all my fantasies collide, giving me the ride of a lifetime, do I stay, or do I go, which will I choose, cause I don’t know, I found out who I wanna choose, cause it doesn’t matter if I win or lose,cause,everyone wants a second chance, and tonight im gonna give her one last dance,and,now that this rap is done, I feel like I may have one.
  2. I write some and so does one of my best friends, plus I just like poetry ^^ Writting stories are fun as well
  3. why do you write poems are something do you like them
  4. I was just looking at some of the poetry forms and different stories posted on here ^^ So what are you up to? jc
  5. im good what forms are yo looking at on the net job applications are something
  6. hi ya ^-^ I am not up to much just surfin the net and lookin at some forms on here, I am good though how about yourself?
  7. Hey whast up,what are you doing,how are you?miss Fallen Angel
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