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  1. Ok thanks but youd better hurry because there are only a certain amount of spots on the captain exams
  2. Oh good, thanks Final Flare! I will be sure to take that quiz when I join up.
  3. If you join my site please take the Bleach exam to become a captain by the way my username on that site is fireland im captain of squad13
  4. Yes I like Bleach, I stopped after a Grimmjow fight, but Bleach is a very good anime. I find that I like Naruto a bit more.
  5. Its Cool do you watch Bleach the one with the soul society
  6. Nice. I like the site lay out, but for now I am going to hold off until I get a better feel for this site. Thanks man.
  7. Yeah join my sit i made
  8. Hello Final Flare, your an anime fan I take it? I see you have a DBZ and Naruto avatar, I love both of those.
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