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  1. I have summer school and then Ima go to so many freaking raves as possible
  2. Oh pretty cool well what are you going to do this summer
  3. Normal human name is Chanel but underground Im called many names so i guess it doesnt matter what you call so far my spring vacation sucks and its gonna suck even more when I start all my homework finally and then finally go hangout with Alucard
  4. alright my real name is dj whats yours and how are you?
  5. ..............I have no clue i have no memory...How about we just start over? It makes everything so much easier lol
  6. i think that this is the first time weve talked when do you think is the last time we talked and what did we talk about
  7. lol yeah you think it would be impossible to remember a person like me I guess that only works when were in life and hanging out lmao...or maybe this is the first time were talking idk but the name is Riku well its a penname that master let me keep
  8. I forgot who are you it must have been a while since we talked
  9. I have been good have not really been on for about a few years now my best friend goes on for me this is actually the first time I come back lol anyways How have you been? It been AWHILE since we talked lol
  10. Hey Whats up,how have you been are have you forgotten me
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