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  1. XD i know that there is some problems with the hosting pics X3 it is ok take your time with the pic

    i am not that good at drawing too but i love it and i really want to know how to draw things heheheh X3 ... T____T they postponed the meeting it will be next week @,@ and i don't know what to do >< ... they just keep postponding and i keep strain T_______T WAAA ... =^_^=
  2. huh. well this sux >_<. apparently image host has been disabled. and its been disabled for the past 2 weeks -_-... id really lik to put up a pic of me here but IT...WONT...LET...ME!!! i will put on up asap.

    and art college?! wow i was never to good at drawing. im ok a drawing anime characters but im not amazing. (maybe i can put a pic up of that too...hmmmmm) wat did u draw???
  3. ooo really XD *blush* thank you for saying that >,< ... lol i like knowing the looks of the people that i am talking to too , you should put a pic of yours ^_^ too , it is fun too to know how much views you got to your picture heheh ...

    LOL you look like you are ready for the stress lol , ooo right i think i will chose the art college i kinds like it XD i have a meeting with them after few days i hope they like my drawing hehehhe ... =^_^=
  4. nah you ARE BEAUTIFUL! i just saw the pix. its kinda funny now knowing how the person looks when talk to them you talk to them online lol. but no you really are a beautiful person. dont deny it. ^_^ i guess i should put up a pic of myself...

    oh yea and school's started for me too. yay let the stress begin ^_^
  5. well XD i hope i finde wha is good for me >,< ... LOL talking with boys on internet is a bit different from being around them and talking face to face XD ....

    LOL i am not that beautiful , in Arabic world every girl is beautiful .. there is some pics of me in the AO Gallery of me , you can see them and understand what i mean if you like of course ^^ .... =^_^=
  6. ahh things are calming down for a bit so im doing better. ^_^

    i hope you find the college you like. i have the same problem. it carries a lot of weight so its also a lot of pressure X_X. and for boys, you seem like your doing fine with me! lol but no i understand. an experience like that can be traumtizing. especially with boys following you around O_o you must be beautiful...
  7. LOL no bodies that is unfortunately for you and if it is for me i am lucky human in this world LOL , you have a lot of problems but that is ok XD , you will get use to if like i did >.> and now the bigest problems will start again but this time in college lol , i feel sometimes boring life and problems just follow me LOL , so the only thing that i do is watching TV or animes and nothing more .. and you need that other vacation to bermuda ^,^ you will change the air and the mood ... everything will be fine

    i hope i like the college , i have two problems 1. i don't know what to chose and 2, i fear guys T______T ... after some boys keep follow me around @,@ i hope i never see that day again >,< ... LOL i have problems too XD ... =^_^=
  8. i could with some animes right now but the day is even more jumbled than before -_- im done with the lab now (no human bodies unfortunately) but now I have driving school >_< this takes up even more of my day with tennis and its still hot >.< so much to handle along with my school project and reading...i need another vacation to bermuda +_+ and some animes to let me vegetate in front of tv @_@. oh and have a great time in college. i really hope you like it there, wherever you are. sorry for ranting about my problems. ^_^ i cant wait for college though
  9. >.> dissecting them you say >< i hate seeing things like that but it will be intersting ... as long it will be good on resume so you can't help it ^,^ ... watch animes with the hard work and you will feel it like a holiday LOL i have tried something like that and it worked ^.^ , and i am finally going to college *YAY happy* .... =^_^=
  10. truthfully, i wish i could have more time off. -_- it wears me out and i would LOVE <3 to be with friends but it was a great opportunity and will look great one my resume, since im thinking about going into premed. and for human bodies, W&M is one of the only schools which do experiments on human cadavers so i might be, well... dissecting them ^_^
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