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  1. I'm sorry?

    I work 2 jobs and go to school...So I rarely have free time. ^_^ I'm usually online at 2-3 am, catching up with my bills, email, AO....Manga... Yea.
  2. why ahh...when i'm online you always's boring when you're not here... you know...
  3. Kinda... I stop and go most of the time... ^_^ I'll be posting and crap for like a month, then forget about the site for another month...something like that.
  4. i'm fine...thanks...well not really,how about you?
  5. Nice to meet you too! ^_^ How are you? Have you been on AO a long time?
  6. hi cheza...thanks 4 accepted me as your the way nice to meet you
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