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  1. ya...i'm sad too..he's too old...~~||
    so,you like romance anime huh...good,^^
    have you seen NANA then...that is some intense anime...good 4 you and your boyfriend to watch together....
  2. I love romatice animes.i watch them with my boyfriend-un. I think hataka Kakashi is hott. sad to say since he is like 30-39. no clue how old he is. But he is soo melow just like sasuke.
  3. yup...i watch favourite character would be hatake kakashi...^^
    he's cool...hehe
    you never heard of nodame cantabile huh...well,it's music base genre...more to classical...
    i would recommend it if you like orchestra or just romance anime....
  4. Oh cool. i have never heard of it-un. I am playing Pokemon rangers Shadows of Almia. It is Freaking Hard-un. Have you seen naruto. And who is your favorite character-un. Mine Has to be Kankuro-chun.
  5. hey,i'm
    it seems you like pokemon...i don't watch pokemon now...when i was a kid,yes,i watched few of them...
    currently,i'm finishing my nodame cantabile episode...^^
  6. Hi how are you today. I love pokemon-un. What about you-un?
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