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  1. ui love to party, play hand ball, draw, read manga, and listen to music
  2. 4 fun...i just sit in front of my computer & surf internet...that's all,what 'bout u?
  3. sounds really sad..wen u say far far away from people and me..can u tell me where u live..but anyways wat do u do 4 fun?
  4. i'm 1 year younger than you...i live at very very far far away from people...and far far away from you....
  5. so how old r u? where do u live? cause i live in new york
  6. actually i'm younger than is your favorite anime?mine are gonna be one piece,bleach,naruto,initial d,nana....i think thats it...
  7. My name is amy....but u could me misa..if u want 15 years old...and u?
  8. hi are you...thanks for add me as you the way i'm fiqx...nice to meet you...
  9. Hi...can we be freinds....well I hope u have a good day
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