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  1. FIX, yo, hmm mee, not doing much nowadays, i'm sooo bored.. too bored even XD
  2. HEY!wassup...any good news...what are you doing right now?
  3. hahaha, i am trying to write more of it.. as of now i only have two chapters of it >.<

    hoy, i lack creativity time and sleep for those things nyahaha, awww glad you liked it
  4. i have read your's super cool same like the story title or the thread title...make more...
  5. ZOMG, not again, i go on and off so dang quickly LOL
  6. online are you...better fast reply
  7. LOL, i missed yah XD

    i guess i was online but went offline just seconds after, ive been good XD
  8. hey...i saw you how are you today...have a good day or what?
  9. aww, too bad i could t reply in time, my favorite has to be the one at the bounto arc, the closing song, was it..

    with kon and the other mod souls were dancing to it..

    i wonder what that song is
  10. well i have to go...see ya around ok..bye bye...
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