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  1. Yeah me too he is very sweet and him and I never ever fight or have ever fought when we went out before. Sorry I saw I missed your call I went to bed at 9 cause I had school in the morning lol. So what have you been up to anything going on with you for this weekend?
  2. lol i did by the way your always busy lol and u said that the last time about your last boyfriends didnt u lol well i hope this 1 is actually the 1 lol ok
  3. No I don't really haha
    Yeah I really do think this is the one I am suppose to marry
    So what happend to calling me?
  4. wow u dont stay single for long do u lol and do u think thisll b the 1 u marre?
  5. cool call me when you can and I have a new bf that is good and were doing doing good
  6. yeah its 2052190511 u might not have this1 so how have u and your bf been
  7. I missed ya too you really should give me a call sometime 740-438-0990 is your number still that same?? Yeah I hope to see ya on here. Hey do you have a yahoo acc????
  8. really good i missed u where have u been?and we need to catch up some time
  9. Hey long time no chat how have you been???????????
  10. the link is just add me and let me know if u need any help with installing it and all
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