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  1. what is that link???????? i'll just download it to his other computer.
  2. When you do u want to download that game i was telling you about its really fun and we could hang out and all
  3. yeah, at home i do why????????????? i wont be home till the 4th.
  4. nope not really but hey do u have ur on computer or laptop anywhere i want u to get on this gaming website its really cool i get on all the time
  5. i was going to awser bu u hung up as soon as i was about to awser lol any way nah just been busy alot these past few days sorry lol so anything new going on???
  6. wat do u mean u never answered lol and dont text or call that phone anymore because it got stolen i dont have it anymore so ill just type u on hear and email if u want just say that ur from animeonline and tyour username so ill know its u and i kinda thought ud never write back lol u seemed pretty weirded out the last time i texted u
  7. hey what was with the random call and hang up??????????????? lol
  8. Ok ill try again but u need to let me know when ur not busy so i can try
  9. you called me it didn't show try again and i'll be sure to awser plse it didn't show any missed calls sorry but my phone didn't ring try again sometime.
  10. i tried u dont ever answer when i text or call wats wrong u scared by the way join this site and text me World of Anime Fans - World Of Anime
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