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  1. uggh sorry my phone was off i'm getting it turned on this friday
    here is my number 312-659-8455
    how is every thing going though? :3
    oh have you tried this proxy
  2. She is doing good she will be at my house on saturday so I will let you talk to here 740 438 4121 call me and I'll let you talk to her okay.
    I don't have any proxy none of mine work
  3. oh ok how is she doing :I
  4. I have facebook look me up Jenny mae kelso
    Sabrina is unable to go online on any site thou
  5. Hey listen this site got band at our school and sabrina don't have a computer so she wont be able to get on here any more....
  6. At the campground right now and just chillin hanging out with a few friends ^^
  7. waz aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!!!!
  8. Okay I'm back we have a free period in class today XD So waz up?????
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