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  1. ah really OoO!?! well check up on her for me tell her i said i hope she gets well soon.
    if sh has a head clod the best thing for that is to take a bowl of steamin hot water and a towl. put your face over the bowl( NOT in it) nd out the towl over your head and breath in the steam for like ten to 15 minunts that will help clean her head and after that take a salt bath. the salt cleans and eats the germs on the body that makes you sick. ^.^
  2. She just says she thinks your cute and really nice and sweet and she really likes you and you make her smile. ^ ^

    Oh wow really? XD haha Well he Sabrina isn't here today so she wont be online till tomorrow I think shes sick...
  3. reall!? wht does she say?
    haha let me tell you we the lights went out, me and my boys went nuts XD
  4. Oh wow that's AWESOME!

    Awe that's so sweet yeah she is very nice and one of my closest friends ^ ^ that's very nice to hear. She seems to really like you. ^ ^
  5. yup yup free days are fun lol
    omg here at work they are doing this thing for earthday where they are going to turn off all the lights in the building and my boss and some of my co-workers were saying'' if we are doing that then put chris in a cage'' XD

    yeah I'm mean she smart, funny, and sweet,, and stunningly cute.
    we have so much in common and i really like talkin to her
  6. Thats good I"m happy right now i'm hyper lol XD
    I really like your friend Sabrina18 :3
  7. Heeeeee waz up ^.^ how are you today XD
  8. Meh I love this site at lest I can get on during school X hahaha so yeah :P
  9. I'm oing awsome lol
    trying to get more peole to go to
    its MUCH better then this site
  10. lol Hey nm just chillin can't wait till 1:07 then I am out of here and be home haha. I am good thx hbu?
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