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  1. not much been chachin up on some reading
    man i love one piece XD
  2. Not much. just checking my e-mail. what's new with you?
  3. Hey!! Waz up wit ya!?
  4. hmmm for english dub you can go here
    Watch Mahou Sensei Negima Episodes | English Dubbed Online

    or you can go here
    Watch Mahou Sensei Negima! Online | English Dubbed-Subbed Episodes

    but if you perfer to read it (along with all of your other farovat books) you can go to
    Manga Fox: Read Manga Online for Free!
  5. sounds like that is a great anime. Where are some good places to watch it?
  6. ah its a funny story about a ten-year old boy that becomes an english teacher at an ALL GIRLS middle school....did i mention that he is a wizard
  7. Hey, CJ! It's nice to meet you. What is Mahou Negima Sensei about?
  8. Hey waz up!
    my names Chris but you can call me CJ(everyone does lol )
    um lets see I like lots of anime but if i had to pick one it would be Mahou Negima Sensei
  9. Hello!!! My name is Angela. What are your favorite anime?
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