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  1. well there is alot of other magan as good like that that i'v read so far but i'm trying to find new ones :/
  2. i only found out about manga negima about sevral months ago, not my fault i didn't know what it was about firsthand, sheesh
  3. *leans ban sweat drop* man you don't need to freak out if you look at my albems you would have saw it and the other kinds of anime/manga i like
    *looks away* its your own fault you didn't see it
  4. mumbles a few words then looks at u* BASTARD! thats what u r and thats what u will be a freaking BASTARD!
  5. I'm not done but i have read it i'm on 320 right now :3
    if you look on my page its on my list of anime/manga i like
    it's acully on the top of my list lol
  6. YES! that one i'm on volum 18 chapter 158, how could u be done ALREADY?!
  7. mahou sensei negima right? .
  8. wait, u already read NEGIMA?! how is that even possible?
  9. I alread read nigema I love it lol just waiting for the new chapters to come out*figget figget*
  10. negima would be my option, go to Manga Here - Read English Manga Free Online. Manga is Here! type negima in the search box, and click on the first link and go to the bottom for the first volume, and chapter
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