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  1. *mummbles* shessh wat a killjoy >.> i'm trying to find some maga or anime to read other than bleach naruto and FMA do you reconmend any
  2. wind is just one of my elements, next time u come through that fire door, i will douse u with water
  3. *sweat drop* that really wasn't showing off -.- 'side dont you like throw people around with wind all the freackin time
  4. *leans on a wall* nuthin, i just hate show offs thats all
  5. *gets up brushes my self off* man ya don't need to be so mad about it, *sits on windowsill* whats going on with ya?
  6. *pushes u down* show off *folds arms8 why did u have to do that, the dorr was right there *points to the door directly behind u
  7. *fire wall comes out of ground i step out* yo waz up man :3
  8. hmm true but can't i wathc them on likke and sites like that?
    well i on can get on the computer here at work any way :/
  9. the seies that has been englishfied, u could watch on youtube, at least till u get to episode 200 then all u would be getting is japanese versions
  10. *Shock* i see......-.- well theres no way i can watch them all right now anyways
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