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  1. *sweat drop* jeeze how can u love urself after something like that?
  2. lol relax guy i has just messin
    though i like to take a dip in the yellow books of love my self some times....
    *epic pose* YES!!! men a creatures with wants and needs!! Those who try to hide their own desire are only fooling them self*epic pose* all should rejoyic in the awsomeness that is the human nature!!!!*epic pose*
  3. *sweatdrop* hentai is not pervy, i watch it sometimes not all the time, but i do like to fight alot
  4. *glances over* oh so you a prevy otaku thta its suprising >_>
  5. *shrugs* fighting, vampires, ect *looks around and whispers* even hentai
  6. *irrttion face*Sheesh not like i really care any way.
    *looks around* what other anime do ya like seenin as yoou room here i filled with bleach tuff
  7. *looks at u and has that irritation symbol on my head* thats none of ur concern boy
  8. meh whatever* looks over your sholder* what are you doing?
  9. *sweatdrop* enter with style? jesus dude, seriously? did u see me "enter with style" in the thread of making my own bleach character? no didn't think so
  10. *sad pose* (^o^) aww don't be like that...every heard of ''enter with style?''
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