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  1. i know right........
    Its just sad but thats the world we live in now
    if a nice person does come along people treat them like shit :/
  2. Which is really sad when you think about it, we'd never be anywhere without trusted friends
  3. I hear ya :3 and i agree
    but not alot of people can be trusted nowadays :/
  4. No problem, just wanted you to know you have a friend who will listen. I find that people who talk to a trusted friend find it easier to deal with life, but thats my personal experience
  5. Thanks that means alot ^.^
    but I'm not the kinda of person to dump my problems on others :3
  6. Its very understandable, but hey if u ever need to talk about the jerks in life I always have an open ear!
  7. yeah i know but all this kiddy shits got to end
    i';m 21 years old I don't have time for all that
  8. Well thats good, try to keep your head up, there are jerks and good people everywhere, you just gotta find the good!
  9. yeah well i'm not going to fight someone till they thoch me otherwise it's just stupid
  10. Well thats just silly,I swear people these days are getting crazier. *shakes head in disbelief*
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