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  1. Ahhh ok (:
    Feeling better now?
    Got anything fun planned for the rest of today?
  2. Filling the 50 word limit thing
  3. Very true (:
    Haha what's with the
  4. yeah everyone has their ups and down day :3
  5. oh thats weird. :/
    I hope things are ok there on your end.
  6. mmm ook i guss just been really sad latly
    don't really know why
  7. Haha it's fine =D
    I'm fine thanks :3
    It's no biggie, it was a dislocation of my knee cap and when I fell it I put it back in back but shifted it to far to the left so I just need to fix that and strength my knee again and I will be fine! (:
    How are you anyways?
  8. oh i'm sorry to hear that.
    Are you ok?
    are you getting enough rest?
  9. Oh wow. Haha I don't have any idea where the my dad came from lol Sorry about that. I am kinda sick so i guess I was just thinking it and wrote it by accident lol. Oh I messed up my leg so I have a monthly checkup
  10. "My dad was pretty good," o.o lol that had me freaked for 2.5 seconds lol XD
    but yeah what was the doctor appointment for if u don't mind me askin
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