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  1. yay i love ed!!! XD
    lol i'm always hyper XP cause there is nothing wrong with being a weirdo lol
  2. um okey. well i am alway being hyper or acting like a weirdo. pritty much i act like radical ed from cowboy bebop
  3. lol so tell me alittle about yourself (if you don't mind) ^^
  4. yes! i always cheer them on! yea i notesed that!.........
  5. collness
    i like alot of anime and manga(thats why i put up my manga ablem)
  6. okey cj well i know one is not an anime but i like anyways...
    yugioh,bleach,loveless, full metal alcamest,star wars the movies, desendents of darkness,Gundam 00...
    also i like the fire nation also!
  7. well my name is chris but you cn call me cj ^.^
    wat kind of anime do you like
  8. oh ur welcom! but thanks anyways. what do u like to go by?
  9. hi atem..
    it not a problem i liked them ^.^
    thanks for the invite
  10. hey im thefallenangel but i like to go by atem. thanks for commeting on my drawings!
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