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  1. what is gfz nd sotwo expalin please sorry..........
  2. are you into gfx? if you are you should drop by the gfx section. there's a sotw on AO and loads of other really fun things to do.
  3. indeed ao pride man indeed i am just glad to be a part of the community
  4. well, usually there's many people on right now. last time i checked there were like, seven people online. it should spice up soon but i make no promises. AO comes and goes in terms of activity, and even though it's a fairly old site, we're still number one on all fronts AO pride man.
  5. are you saying the site is usaually more active
    is it usually or is it an old site and dies a bit
  6. just wait awhile, barely anybody is online right now.
  7. i did in the highschool rpg but have not noticed any activity
  8. you need a minimum amount of posts before you can use a special avatar. i think it's like, fifty or something. i hear the AO roleplay section is quite awesome, though i've never been that interested in rp myself. did you set up a character or anything yet?
  9. i decided to join because it seemed to be a great community where i could roleplay and chat also meet new people, btw can i use a custom avatar or do i have to use the one provided
  10. welcome to AO my new friend! i hope you have a nice time here.
    so how come you decided to join AO?
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