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  1. I'm sorry!
    My name is Rushil ^_^

    Lol that's what we used to do in kindergarten, remember?
  2. WHAT?!?
    Well you know what? That's not too nice. But.. I don't know you're real name either.
  3. I forgot your name. -_-;;
  4. Maybe, I don't know. Need practice lol. =]
  5. I REALLY want to but I haven't been able to get on PS lately. I have some awesome ideas but I might not... though in spirit, I win D Have you yet?
  6. Ohh, I was scared for a while =__=
    And thanks, apparently not many people can see the sig xDD

    Are you entering the AO banner contest?
  7. i dun't have the intranetsXD i only go on at my friend's hoooouse. nice work on the sotw sig by the way!
  8. Why don't you come on much?
  9. Hey sweatheaRT XD
  10. Sure thing!
    And check out my new sig, please? Need you honest opinion
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