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  1. It's not Obama himself but some guy who looks nothing like him. You wan me pm you link?
  2. Noooo, he seriously did that?
  3. Preeeetty much. And if he does well, I hope his four years seem as long as Bush`s. Hey, have you heard the Whatever you Like remix with Obama in it..
  4. Ahh, I don't care as long as he can do something about the crap that's been going on in the world.
  5. Eh. Pen tool suuuucks anyway, unless you're gonza and make beauty. What do you think about the election? Did Obama really win all the debates?
  6. Wow, really? I use layer blendings, layer modes such as overlay, gradients and brushes.
    I don't even know how to use pen tools, C4D's and such!
  7. Simplicity isn't so easy use, I've tried. Just the brush tool.. line tool, penning in some wild graphics. All I ended up with was a bunch of .psd's I deleted. C4D/effects all the way!
  8. You really mean that? T^T Awwww!

    The secret is ... passion and simplicity ^_^

    Honestly, I don't use layer effects, or complex stuff like Sazzy's sigs o_o
  9. I know! I saw your graphics in the gallery. THAT'S SICK! What's yer secret?!
  10. Yaow finally came back x3 chu~
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