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  1. yah i guess thats true althought im not hungery right now and i havent aten since like 7 in the monring and i dont plan on eating for the rest of today i just dono, but did u get yelled at for it ?
  2. That sounds typical for anyone, I don't know how you do it lol. I went like almost 9 hours without eating and I was starving, college is too exhausting to not eat. So next time go with dan and get some food too. (: And thanks, lol it was annoying though. I came home so late. -___-'
  3. awww i love u too bestie lol <3 and yah im sitting at colllege cuz dannnn abandoned me for food tipical right lol btw im glad u got home safetly lol
  4. Helloo, ms. college boundI just wanted to sayy I love you bestiee. ^^
    3 years now! <3
  5. SWEEETTTTTTT!!!! he he he hi sweet ^^ i havent seen you on her in ages well about a year but stills happy new years ^^ and i hope you had a good one too yah i kno the day wasant that great for you but hey lets make this year great ^^ byes ttyl ^^ <3 good luck with your new years resolutions tc
  6. meree ! (: happy new years ! hope you had a good one heh. :]
  7. yah it does still a bit, yah it is but z was sleepy yesterday so i got to type with both even genma trued to help me he sugested ice and i kinda forgot bye the time the ice was ready ^^"
    yah i think he was but u never truly kno with him
    yah it was i didn't talk to much at all lol but hey it worked for a while
  8. lol eh, does your hand still hurt right nao? && i hate typing with only one hand thats just annoying.
    Its like fk the pain ima type anyways. lolz
    lmao z must have been annoyed when you wouldnt admitt that xD
    and 3hrs? =P thats pretty long for a quiet person lol jk ^^
  9. hey sweet its bruts my right hand is hurting so z wont let me go on msn if it still hurts today which it does so yah... im typeing with my left hand now cuz oof it and its irritatein and well my right hand could have carple tunnel so z wants me to be carefull... we ended up talking on the phone for three hours laast night tho that was well not as bad as i thought he was trying to get me to admit it on the phone but yah i didn't u kno how quiet i am
  10. alrights sounds good to me he he he

    and i'll try not too but always manage too
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