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  1. alright see yah later :] bye tc.

    ima go nao too lol
    && dont worry about it =)
  2. hey sweet i got to go in a few mins alright but i might be able to talk to u in accounting class if not i'll talk to u tonight prolly and sorry about last night if i didn't talk much z was on his mic so i kinda get a bit distacted u kno lol byes take care.. i hope u feel better soon have a good day
  3. yah that's true and i guess i don't get much work done when i slack ^^" but i guess i manage

    awwww that sucks so he was basicaly rubbing it in huh meanie lol lucky meanie

    he he he yah he's gons be like wth ur not supost to be here lol
  4. Lol, yea I get whatcha saying, but some people just don't do that idk why, but in a way i admire them... they get their work done. XD

    lol naw, hes out of school. :[ im stuck for another 4weeks && hes out having fun.

    lol nah i didnt tell him yet, i am going to when he gets on thou :] cant wait to see the expression~! lolz.
  5. seriosuly sounds kinda.. well it depends what class but inthis one well im useing the comp so y not slack right lol

    yah he woudln't be to happy about that, and doesn't he have to go to school today as well or ?

    tell him that you didn't go to school lol
  6. The people who dont like wasting time in classes like that? lol trust me when i say this, i know people like that. lolz

    The kid is like a year younger then me. lol yea z would be like what nao, sweet dont talk to ppl like that. xD i can see it already.

    wait do what? <.<
  7. yah i kno right who wouldn't he he he

    wow he he he how old is the guy? and wow all night sounds kinda fun actualy cept for the drinking part z wouldnt like that too muches ^^

    he he he yah i can c what u mean and alright did u do that tho?
  8. lol Ooo ok i love those types of classes aha.

    No, you know what i think he did? I think he stayed up all night playing games with his buds & drinking and then decided oh well i think i should leave a i'm for her lol.

    soo not thoughtful at all! XD & its ok lol.
  9. nah it's not hard it's kinda more of a slack course actually.. and he he he that's cool that we get to speak to eachother it's kinda nice and it amuses both of us ^^

    yah, he he he wow he he he he's a strange one did u call back and say ha im not going to school? and four in the morning what is that kid thinking

    he he he exactly lol i should have read that before i responded
  10. lol yea same goes for meh. I was getting so bored & then i saw that you were on and i was like yeshhh someone to talk to. XD Oh ok is it hard then? =o

    btw you know mike? the one that's friends with d? at like 4am in the morning he left a message saying, "Have fun in school aha!" sweet kid right? sikee.

    Nao i can say, "In your facee i didnt go."
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