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  1. he he he awww im sure u didn't look that bad tho.. that's kinda funny tho im glad u got to stay home toos now i gots someone to talks too ^^
    and we are to plan out out business thingy
  2. yea, most likely lol, but im very happy i got to skip out on school, i would have been a mess if i came. D: I looked terrible this morning. x]
    lolz oh really? what project are you guys doing?
  3. hey awww that's sad.. are u gona be alright he he he he but arn't u glad u got to stay home tho?
    im fine im at school in entrepreneur class my bro is getting irritated cuz im not doing my work on this project we are doing together
  4. Hi, mereee

    guess what? im sick. :[ Yesterday i was up all night with a runny nose && bad coughs. Also, my teeth were hurting o_O, i think its because of my wisdom teeth growth or somethingg.

    But nao i feel better then before, i didnt have to go to school. :]

    so how are you??
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