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  1. lol aw, overachiever xD! haha, good luckk though, it might be super hard x.x but i know you can do it! && if you have a chance, leave me something to get back to (:
  2. yea i'm planning on getting straight a's

    i'm gonna studying right after december till school starts and till i die from now on, new years resolution
  3. awesomee :] good luck in college when you go back ^.^ you'll do greatt!
  4. merry late christmas, i am getting ready for college and work is finally getting better full time right now
  5. Merry Christmas (: I hope you're having a good one. ^^
  6. hey! whats up? I havent talked to you in awhile x.x...
    btw, are you on breakk yet?
  7. i'll catch you tomorrow if your on, i've been a lil occupied.
  8. aw, i'm sorry ): i didnt log onto msn today :/ but i can go on now if u want? :]
  9. nothing much just eatin some candy lol, i was on msn and waited but you didn't come on.
  10. YO! :] HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Lol, I haven't talked to you in awhile, but what's up? (:
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