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  1. i dont know i think my mom just not want me to date or married anyone
  2. well we don't wnat that :/
    wat does your failmy not like the guy or something(if you don't mind me asking)
  3. thanks noone knwo about the engagment because my parents would die if i tell them im engaged
  4. thats waz up girl
    and congradulations on your engagment :3
    dirtbikes rock!!!!
  5. i love to race 4wheeler and dirtbikes. i love my boyfriend so much. we have been dating for 9 months now and we are engaged for 3 months now. i like to hang out with my friend and going to the mall. i love fashion. i play volleyball. i nice and sweet and i try to help out my friends out.
  6. ah thats ok :3
    so if you don't mind tell me alittle about yourself :3
  7. family guy. im not that into anime that much ......................
  8. It's nice to meet you too emily (^.^)
    so what kind of anime do you like
  9. me too.............. im emily its nice to meet you chris......
  10. hello thatnk for the invite ^.^
    names chris i'm new here
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