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  1. yeah I know that's alot of longs lol
    I'm not doing much
    I just tring to get clips for an AMV I want to work on
  2. hehe wow thats alot of long XD
    lol yea I bet hehe so what's up?
  3. you could be his
    long long long long long lost(you get the point)
    but that couldn't be,
    since he live here in his whole life.
  4. OO lol I look like a guy? lol weird but ok
    Ahh cool cool
  5. yeah,
    you almost look like him,
    it's nice to meet you too,
    I"m not new I'm still a newbie stage because
    I haven't posted much,
    also this my first time signing in,
    in some time now.
  6. Oh really? thats kinda cool, Oh nice to meet you Forgotten
    Are you new?
  7. ryomakurosaki,
    you look like my buddy,
    except the way the hair is.
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