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  1. I am going to see it ^^ it's just not out on DVD where i live yet lol
    So it's great ^^ right now i'm sitting outside with my brother and enjoying the weather and listening to some music ^^ and on saturday were metting the rest of the family for a day or two
    How's yours?
  2. Ah I see. Thought you've seen it so was going to ask you what did you think of it. Oh well ^ How's your week going?
  3. I think it's something like that ^^ i don't know really, haven't seen the movie lol
  4. Thanks for your reply. Ohhh, that movie was just launched earlier this year, around Easter if I recall correctly^^ Is that the one about two men going on a holiday and finding all the women being controlled by some lesbian vampires or something?
  5. Well if i remember it right the signature picture is from the movie "Lesbian Vampire Killers" i think that's what it's called ^^
  6. Hello~ I keep seeing you around and wanted to say that is one fine, gorgeous pic you have there!! (in your current profile pic) And your signature too. ^,^ Where is that from?
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