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  1. lol i like hearing what people have to say about something, i like oppinions and such. but i will agree with you when they start threating its gone to far.
    your welcome i love meeting new people it just makes life all the better
    and thank you my birthday was
  2. no problem and thanks for the add
    Oh, I'm surprised that you like intrustions. Not many people do, most just regard us as busybodies, haha ^^; I dont mind them but when they say too much or start " threatening, then it's a bit too far. And I can't help but get pissed with them, lol heh heh ^^;; I like you too. Happy belated birthday, by the way
  3. lol thank you she is a fairy and thanks im happy with life right now and i dont mind the intrustions i like when people do that. lol for a lot of people getting married at twenty is probably to young, but ive been through alot and am ready to take that step with this guy hes everything that i want.
    lol and i like you so its no problem that you say something about the way you think
  4. Hey there, I thought to say hi after commenting after you on a thread about "Twilight". I love your profile pic of a fairy(?) with very colourful wings Sorry for the intrusion by reading down below at your comment..but it's good to see that life is treating you good Congratulations on the wedding! But isn't getting married at 20, too soon?? O.o Maybe it's just me thinking in this way, so please excuse me ^//^
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