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  1. yep im not into the comedy ones or anything else just action mystery
  2. I see Death note and FMA are pretty good even though I havent seen much of FMA. Not a fan of Bleach or Inuyasha..I don't know but it doesn't seem to interest much :/ youre into action anime?
  3. Bleach, FMA, Inuyasha, Death Note and theres a couple more
  4. Um I actually have quite a few like..Samurai Champloo, Ouran, Fruit Basket, Petshop Horrors, Elfen Lied, Haruhi Suzimya, about you?
  5. I'll see you around too. =) hehe also what is your favorite anime show???
  6. Ok, I'll try and no problem dude. See you around~ (:
  7. its ok please sign up if its not to much of a trouble for you thanks for even looking into my post.
  8. Hey, sorry for being rather critical on your post about your site. Gomen =.=
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