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  1. me well am way way too old for am 23.....jiiji
    my color is blue, i don't know

    and i forgot the other question....ijijijijijijijijijijijiji

    you mean anime movie or movie movie!
  2. how old are u....what your favorite color..what your fav moive...
  3. ahjahjahjaha who turn you gay?
    so almost is not an answer!..jijijijiji
  4. Almost ......turn me gay .
  5. hajahjahjahajha me, no am just being nice with you.... what you want me to?

    yes I know am sexy... wow that sounded so
  6. are you firty......with me.. .
  7. yes YOU SEXY...but me im fine .
  8. you look older?.... hajhajhajhajah yea right!... chick age slower than
    so answer me, do you think you're that hot?
  9. I don't like to use the word hot.. not unless am using it for myself... yes am hot!
    so what do you think! are you hot?
  10. i think i dont look my age......but my 17....not 13 or 14
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