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  1. I told you siad your eyes are unknown..... your hiding ....your eyes
  2. yes am back..... my eyes are a
    they are brown.....jijijijijijijij
  3. Hey you are back..... wazz why do you in your pic dont show your eyes... ???
  4. I see you... .
  5. oh before you answer me. i toll you I had to go.
    see ya in a bit. i will answer all your questions.
    adios ojos verdes!
  6. no we have not.... hey am unique!... if you had a myspace, but here never... am new just like you.... but where did you say you think you knew me?
  7. Your personal just rememines of someone like i met u before ...we met.
  8. hiding what... ask me anything.. i will answer.
    hey you won't let me go... what gives.....jijijijiji
  9. i know you like me in a scence....but its like you are hiding something.. or that just me
  10. hajhajhahajhaj you're good at this... i hope you thing good thing of myself.
    as i do of
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