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  1. I keep it to mysetf by just snearing.. .
  2. you read my mind...
    so tell me what do i think of you?
    ....jijijiijijijijijijijiji<---- there it is again
  3. NO......But Maybe im .
  4. hajhajhajah yes I do.... hajhajhajhhahajhajhajhjahj<--- is sexy and
    and how do you laught?
  5. I bit u dont laugh like a old man.....But very Sexy ....not hitting on youlol
  6. wow you're fast, i just write that.
    how did you do it?
    are you a witch?
  7. what did you do?
    don't get mad, be happy like the song... but don't smoke the magic green thing.
    jijijijijijiijijij<----- sometimes this is my stoner
    see ya in a bit
  8. D Okay.... .
  9. Whats wrong....????iGOT mad at myself if i did something wrong.
  10. you know you look good.... I know when people look good... am one of
    am not hitting on you, am just telling you the true!.......jijijijijijijijiiijijj<--- my silly laugh sounds like an old guy
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