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  1. So how are you? Me , fine . .
  2. hello... special
    i was not here when you send me your
    well don't let the school bored you.......
  3. Wass up, Me i bored at school ..AH yes i get pics
  4. See ya. .
  5. forgetting someone who don't remembers you, is the best way!
    look somewhere else, you never know when you'll find love again!
    am gotta go, bye !
  6. So i wil forget him.... .
  7. i know I hated someone .....but i always forget...I dont rememder myself.....My memories are fuzzy but i can do it move on...... I am moving on and iam a heatbreaker ....
  8. I know where you are right now, and I can tell you is not good!... I been there before , someone broke my hard a long time ago, and what she made me do was fill that void with hate towards her, I hate her so much, but I still love her, I don't want to see her again,.. and I think you heading to that path, don't go there, and if he don't love you as you do love him, forget about him, and move on as you said!
  9. He knows me in real life......i agree internt love i know that cant ever work....
  10. But if he doesn`t like me i`ll just go on....
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